TX Volunteer Wins the Saltire Award

TX Volunteer Wins the Saltire Award

Transition Extreme (TX) are delighted to be doing our bit to help Sported UK and Women in Sport, who have come together to launch Project 51. This is a joint programme helping girls across the UK fulfil their potential and use sport to overcome the impact of negative gender stereotypes. The programme started in January of 2018 and is scheduled to last for two years. Locally, TX have been heavily involved in helping inspire girls and women in sport.

Sixteen-year-old Phoenix started coming to Transition Extreme in June of 2018 to help with Project 51 and various other projects. Since then she has gained over 100 hours of voluntary work and has earned herself the title of young influencer and even won the Saltire Award. The below is an interview conducted with Phoenix about her time at TX, Project 51 and her plans for the future.

Why did you start coming to TX?

I was introduced to Project 51 by one of the youth workers at TX (Katie), this was a cause I really wanted to be involved in. I also really like sports and wanted to start climbing, plus I can come here to BMX. I did try skateboarding here but I fell and hurt myself, now I am a little more hesitant, I do have my own skateboard at home though. The closest place that I can do anything like this where I live is a 10-15 minute drive.

So you climb and BMX, is there anything else you do at TX?

I work on Project 51 and help to promote TX. I will help update the TX social media and recently I recorded a video the introduced myself and what I do as a young influencer, this was to obtain funding for future girls events to help promote extreme sports to local women.

Speaking of Project 51, what is your involvement in this?

Well I went to London in July of last year to get a better insight into what it is Project 51 do, since then I have done by best to promote project 51 by promoting extreme sports to women and sharing my own personal experience. Last Year I had to stand up in front of people to talk about my experiences in sport and school, it was scary but if it helps other women then I am happy to do it.

Your involvement in Project 51 has given you the title of young influencer, does this make you proud?

Yeah I am very proud. There are stereotypes in schools, that I and other young women should not take part in certain sports or sports at all. Teachers have told me no before, when asking if I could take part in certain sports. So I am really proud to be a young influencer and try to encourage people that there should not be stereotypes, young women have as much right to take part in sports as young men.

You have recently been awarded the Saltire Award for 100 hours of voluntary work. How did it feel?

I was very happy and surprised about the award. I didn’t start volunteering or coming to TX to win awards, it was my guidance teacher who told me about the Saltire Award. Even now that I have won it, I will continue to volunteer at TX and help with Project 51 as I really enjoy it.

Have any of your friends been encouraged to do what you do at TX?

Well the majority of my friends are like me and are very sporty, so I didn’t have to convince them to come to TX. They really enjoy TX and come with me a lot.

You’re looking to go to University to do P.E teaching. Why this course and will you use it to inspire others?

I love sport, being active and being around people so it just seems like a natural choice. My guidance teacher has influenced me as she was a P.E teacher and has helped me choose the right path. I will definitely use teaching to inspire people.

So with all your exams at school and the possibility of university, will you carry on volunteering at TX and helping project 51?

I will definitely carry on with Project 51, it is only a two-year project though so we are half way through. If it doesn’t get extended I will look into other projects I can help with or even create my own one! I will also continue to come to TX whenever I can.

So, final question…how are the staff at TX and who is your favourite?

The staff are like a family at TX, they are really friendly and have welcomed me with open arms. It’s nice to see how TX is run and help them with events etc. It’s tough because I like everyone here, but Katie is like family as I have known her for so long. So my favourite’s would have to be Bob, Linzi and Sam.

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