About The Course

Whether you are looking for a family fun day out, an exciting birthday party, a team building or corporate event or even just fancy a bit of adrenaline filled fun our High Ropes course offers a variety of exciting and challenging activities.

For availability and bookings please contact 01224 626279.

Test Yourself

TX Trekking

Feel the wind as you take on our aerial assault course 12 meter off the ground. Can you complete the course and our instructor challenges?

Extreme Drop

When attached to the Powerfan, participants will step off from the 10 metre high tower descending to the ground in a ‘Parachute’ styled descent to a controlled landing, a great finish to any aerial trek session

All kinds of challenges

Jacobs Ladder

The quintessential team building exercise, it’s only a ladder…right?

Gladiator Challenge

Compete with your team mates to ascend the poles, tyres and nets to the top of the Gladiator Challenge. Who will be first to stand on the top?

a new level

Crate Stack Challenge

Which team can build the tallest, most precarious tower? One of our most popular sessions is a great teambuilding exercise that will keep you smiling!

High All Aboard

Do you have what it takes to ascend the ‘Power Pole’ and trust your teammates to take part in our various challenges? There’s only one way to find out…

Take the jump

Leap of Faith

Just like the High All Aboard you will ascend the ‘Power Pole’ to the platform where you and a teammate can leap into space to grab onto the Trapeze bar. If it looks too easy; the instructor can move it further away!


Registration forms must be completed before participating. All ropes course activities have a minimum height of 130cm. Minimum weight of 20kg and maximum weight of 120kg. Transition Extreme reserve the right to change these criteria at any time. Booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.